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A Space to Re-Create - Vineyard Gazette | The Vine

paints and palette in Elizabeth R. Whelan's studio

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Writer and journalist Louisa Hufstader wrote about three Vineyard artists and their studios, and I was one of them!

"With real estate prices what they are all over the Island, it’s hard to imagine your average year-round Vineyarder being able to afford much more than living space these days. But in fact we discovered three local artists – a potter, a painter and a composer – who found houses with room for their work in just the past few years. One of the latest to set up a studio at home is Micah Thanhauser, a West Tisbury boy who grew up to become an accomplished potter and moved back to the Island last year. 

Painter Elizabeth Whelan  and her partner, boatbuilder Bill Benns, bought their Chappaquiddick home two years ago – it has room for both their careers. ..." READ MORE

With Portraits of Artists at Work, New Exhibit Celebrates Creative Process - Vineyard Gazette

Artist jack Yuen stands by his portrait, painted by Elizabeth R. Whelan, at the event Artists in Art
July 24, 2017 - Chloe Reichel

"Elizabeth Whelan’s voice was hoarse. Her seven-hour marathon art opening on Saturday was about halfway through and already she had done a lot of talking. Suesan Stovall, in person and in paint, and Elizabeth Whelan.

Every 15 minutes on the dot, she made her way over to one of the 24 artist displays in the Grange Hall and spoke about the work. Then she unveiled a portrait she had painted of the artist.

“I was an illustrator and graphic designer, and when I switched over to fine art, I didn’t have a clue,” Ms. Whelan said. “I decided I wanted to come up with a way that would thank them [the artists], but help to promote them too...”READ MORE

Elizabeth Whelan paints painters for an upcoming show - Martha's Vineyard Times

Suesan Stovall and Elizabeth R. Whelan with portrait of Suesan at Artists in Art
July 19, 2017 - Gwyn McAllister

"It won’t just be the artwork, but the artists themselves who will be the focus of a unique exhibit at the Grange Hall this weekend. Elizabeth Whelan has put together a group show featuring the work of 24 local painters and illustrators, accompanied by portraits of the two dozen artists painted by Ms. Whelan. Every 15 minutes during the day, she will unveil a portrait — displaying it for the first time to the public as well as to the subject.

“I had the idea about a year and a half ago,” says Ms. Whelan. “I wanted to do it as a sort of thank-you to all of the artists who have given me help over the years — showing up at openings or giving me advice on hanging work or just generally being supportive...”READ MORE

Moving Back to the Vineyard: Elizabeth Whelan Makes Art of Artists - Arts & Ideas magazine

Elizabeth R. Whelan works on the main image for the show promotional materials
July, 2017 - Connie Berry

"In 2010, when portrait artist Elizabeth Whelan gave up her Island graphic design business and made the switch to oil painting, she left behind more than a career. She and her longtime partner, boat builder and restorer Bill Benns, left their West Tisbury home and moved to Nashawena Island, near Cuttyhunk, and lived as caretakers for more than six years.

“It was a real adventure,” Ms. Whelan said. “We looked after a cattle farm, and it was an amazing experience.”

After moving away from design, Whelan began to focus on painting..." READ MORE

Geraldine Brooks and other Vineyard women honored at Stina Sayre Design - Martha's Vineyard Times

Author Geraldine Brooks stands beside her portrait painted by artist Elizabeth Whelan
August 26, 2015

"Last Saturday artist Elizabeth Whelan presented her latest portrait unveiling, “Island Women in Portrait,” to an enthusiastic crowd at Stina Sayre Design’s Boutique and Design Studio on Main Street in Vineyard Haven. The exhibit, which featured five newly painted portraits of five women from the Vineyard community, as well as new landscapes, will remain on display through Friday, August 28.

Ms. Whelan has spent the past few months capturing several Vineyard women through art in oils on canvas..." READ MORE

Elizabeth Whelan unveils a ‘Slice of West Tisbury’ - Martha's Vineyard Times

Waiting for the next unveiling by artist Elizabeth Whelan at the West Tisbury Library show 'A Slice of West Tisbury'
May 11, 2016 - Gwyn McAllister

"Painter Elizabeth Whelan is honoring the town where she lived for a number of years with a show called “A Slice of West Tisbury,” currently on display at the West Tisbury library through the end of the month. The exhibit includes five portraits of people who are closely associated with West Tisbury, and a series of oil sketches of the town’s landscapes.

The opening on Friday, May 6, was the latest in a series of unveiling events..." READ MORE

An Act of Surprise and Delight - Martha's Vineyard Times

Ross Gannon and artist Elizabeth Whelan with portrait of Ross, at the Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway
June 10, 2015 - Gwyn McAllister

"Last Thursday, artist Elizabeth Whelan presented boatbuilder Ross Gannon with his portrait during a public unveiling at the Gannon & Benjamin Shipyard in Vineyard Haven. It was the very first time that Mr. Gannon was seeing the painting, an image of the boatbuilder at the helm of his wooden sloop Eleda, clearly relaxing and enjoying a sail on a beautiful Vineyard day.

“I was shocked at the likeness,” says Mr. Gannon. “I didn’t know what to expect..." READ MORE

Howie's portrait and the blizzards of 2015 - Cynthia Riggs

color study of Howie Attebery for portrait by Elizabeth Whelan
The winter blizzards of 2015 caused humor and havoc with a portrait commission! Cynthia kept her readers abreast with the following posts:

"Howie's Portrait -- The other day, Mark Attebery, Howie’s son, and I were discussing my proposed Christmas and birthday present to his dad..." READ MORE

"Follow-up on the Portrait -- Elizabeth Whelan, the artist painting Howie’s portrait, planned to come to the Vineyard to talk to Howie..." READ MORE

"Island to Island Mail Service -- An excerpt of correspondence between Elizabeth Whelan, who lives on one of the Elizabeth islands, and me..." READ MORE

All's well that ended well, though, as the portrait was indeed completed and delivered to great approval!